beer: moylan’s celts golden ale

"tastes like sunshine" - andy
"tastes like sunshine" - andy

store: kashtan bistro
type: american blonde ale
abv: 5.00%

strange… it’s a domestic… coulda sworn that this guy was from… umm… ireland?

well if you’ve had hoegaarden and liked it, then you’ll probably like this one… it’s a light flavored beer with similar taste. another one that would be great in the summer time.

i think i’m up to 4-5 beers at kashtan, which is pretty pathetic… i kinda slowed down a bit. but it’s a marathon, not a sprint… i gotta pace myself — i really want that crown-prince title, dammit…

beeradvocate: C+
me: B-

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  1. andy says:

    crown-prince? more like a queen:

    Tobias: “Oh, George Michael, she’s a girl. I need to teach her how to be a woman. Within her lies a queen. Let me out that queen.”
    “So Anne, the question is, do you want a man or a boy? I know how I would answer.”

    “Take me to the Gothic Castle.”

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