beer: la chouffe

no... it's not david the gnome (anyone?)
no... it's not david the gnome (anyone?)

store: bevmo
type: belgian strong pale ale
abv: 8.00%

i gotta admit — i was gonna get the blue label chimay, but then saw a gnome on a bottle of beer and HAD TO get it… this was the other beer brought to the usa/spain match (maybe i shoulda themed my beer with the game… doh!)

go belgium — another great one! it’s a cloudy witbier-like flavor

the mouthfeel was like a sparkling cider — very bubbly, making it a good one to drink on a warm day

thanks to andy, i found out the meat/cheese that we had: pepper salame (they weren’t fuckin’ around with the pepper), ivernia (ireland), and iberico (the spaniard) — both cheeses were on the dry side, but not crumbly (not saying that’s a bad thing) — but they both finished creamy, if that makes any sense (i do beers, not cheese… get off me)

beeradvocate: A-
me: A

3 Responses to “beer: la chouffe”

  1. andy says:

    I didn’t think the iberico was on the dry side. It was a very creamy cheese. It was very tasty. But it lacked the power of the ivernia. And the salame is just good.

    Cheese is pricey. Im always drawn to it though. But then I check out and I think, wtf?

    the gnome beer was…shall I say “ive had better.” It reminded me of the homemade beers that Juan used to make–no offense juanini. But it just seemed too bubbly and not enough alcoholly.

    The other beer, nutty brown, it was satisfying. Not as bold or thick as a newcastle, but kinda like a newcastle light.

    That was fun.

  2. White Mark says:

    You drank a beer with a fuckin gnome on the bottle, and the post doesn’t get “tim” as a tag? I’m fuckin disappointed in you.

  3. joey says:

    DOH! wait… who the hell is this tim guy?
    he’ll get no tag and like it!

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