beer: club colombia


store: probably some corner “siete-once” in the country of colombia (ha!)
type: american adjunct lager
abv: 4.00%
suggested by: juan

thanks to juan for this beer… straight from mexico… err colombia — same thing i guess, right?

all to get his country’s flag into my modest list! he had to fool the TSA by turning this (and another can) into a suppository… yea… i totally drank outta the can!

so let’s see — at first sip, i KNEW it was similar to a bud light/coors light type… and i was effin’ right (american adjunct lager)! i dunno if that’s a testament to my taste buds, or the fact that i drank so much of that during the july 4th weekend (ughhhh).

tho, i will give it credit — it was a lot SMOOTHER than BL/CL imho… those other beers have a weird harshness to it that makes it lack drinkability.

i can totally see myself drinking too much of these and fuckin’ myself up… good stuff!

i grade it a B (yes, partly because of the length of personal travel from point of origin to my belly)

beeradvocate: C
me: B

3 Responses to “beer: club colombia”

  1. andy says:

    what is siete-once
    did you say drinkability?
    you didnt drink out of the beer can, you drank out of his can–he liked keeping it up there.
    you knew it was a bL/Cl type because it was near water flavor.

  2. joey says:

    siete-once… what is that in spanish? think, think, think…

    and yes… drinkability is a “real” word when judging the flavor of beer (mouthfeel is another)

  3. andy says:

    ah, 7-11. or maybe it was a corner AM-PM…oh wait, thats the same in both languages

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