bah-doom-pop, bah-doom-pop, doom…

so i cap off the weekend by picking up the guitar and playin’ a bit…

i’ve been meaning to record some random stuff i play just for posterity i guess… and to listen to it later and say, “damn.. that was terrible”

so i basically just had the laptop right next to me, recording on the built-in mic (yep — it’s super high production), then used adobe audition to take out the weird hisssssss in the background — for some odd reason, the recording would skip a half a second sometimes… i probably shouldn’t be running memory hogs (photoshop, firefox) in the background while i do it next time

so we start with some covers, as i’m wont to do:

sparks (coldplay) – fairly easy/fun to play (capo – 6th, drop d for the high e string) [ tab ]

you are the best thing (ray lamontagne) – i heard an acoustic version on xm the other day and it was awesome… i don’t play it the same way he does, which kinda irks me — he definitely plays it drop-d. now if only i had a old-black-dood-smokey voice like him [ tab ]

and here’s the cool little jam i’m messin’ with:

jam – i need to loop this and then put a cool electric solo on top of it… make it all sexy

4 Responses to “bah-doom-pop, bah-doom-pop, doom…”

  1. andy says:

    for the newbies, what does “drop the d”mean?

  2. White Mark says:

    deuce. drop the deuce.

    its when you play the guitar in the bathroom…

    kinda like a blumpkin, but for guitar players.

  3. joey says:

    it’s when you tune down the high-e (1st string) to d

    it’s so it doesn’t sound so high pitched when strumming

  4. andy says:

    Ihate any song that requires me to have a roadie

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