ay bobby marley, sing something good to me

props to bill simmons — i was DYING when i saw this…


racism ftw!!1!eleven!


boom goes the dynamite!
boom goes the dynamite! photograph: dave thompson/pa

saw pacquiao unleash his fists of fury on hatton’s face yesterday — whadda fight!! hatton was just too slow and couldn’t land any quality punches on the pacman

i love that picture tho — hatton was O-U-T with that left hook… it was like liddell (in his heyday) clocked him… good night!

the sick part is that my BIL (brother-in-law)’s brother bet (vegas) that pacquiao would win in the second round (40:1 odds, he put down $20 = $800!)

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  1. andy says:

    thats a balsy bet in boxing. sweet

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