a stroll down memory lane part ii

next up is my ap chemistry project, “mr. wizard’s laboratory safety”

while other people did real experiments and took the project seriously, we decided to mess around… partly due to our teacher going MIA almost three-quarters of the semester (there were varying rumors out there… but we all know what happened).

so this one starred me, eugene, zach (skatomic bomb), and mike (bmoc)

comparing this to the previous video, there was zero computer editing involved… it was all video camera.

and i wasn’t expecting geist to hose me when i was “on fire”


“mr. wizard is my favorite scientist
mr. wizard is my favorite show”

i think it’s G-C-G-D — on a purposely de-tuned guitar and flute

9 Responses to “a stroll down memory lane part ii”

  1. andy says:

    what happened to the teacher?

  2. joey says:

    well i didn’t want my site to be tmz-like… but there were varying rumors, from being re-enlisted into the service to being caught with a student…
    who knows really — it helped out our last few weeks at school tho

  3. andy says:

    mmm, was the student hot?

  4. joey says:

    well you see the videos — i think i was hot enough…

  5. andy says:

    ok, then, was the teacher hot?

    btw, megan fox has a penis.

  6. WTF?!?!

    Who’s idea was it to have the camera guy blowing a recorder into the mic the entire time. I couldn’t understand half of what was being said because I had to turn my volume down due to the loud gay recorder noise.

    Joe looks FOB though

  7. Joey says:

    my buddy, chaunce… everyone…
    hahah the recorder was awesome!
    like you really were trying to get some safety information from that video — come on!

    and yea… i was pushin’ 120 pounds at that time — then i met beer

  8. The Wizard himself says:

    I cannot believe you still have this!!!!!!

  9. joey says:

    hahah! ho-lee crap, it’s eugene… at least i think it’s him
    unless it’s fred savage’s retarded brother who plays nintendo games…
    yea man, thank rob for finding this gem

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