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teaser: kanye kinetic typography

i think i’ve listened to bits and pieces of this song about a million times over the weekend… if anyone ever tells you that kinetic typography is easy, slap them in the face and tell them they’re lying

i’m toying with the idea of making a tutorial on this. i used this HELPFUL tutorial written on crooked gremlins. the only thing that kinda bugged me was that their vimeo video didn’t look good in full screen mode (woulda been nice if the camera zoomed in on the details that he clicked on)

if you wanna do one of these, my advice is to HAVE A GAMEPLAN with how it’ll play out on the screen — if you don’t have a plan, you’ll basically be animating your text on the fly, making a ton of changes along the way — extending your time in front of the computer unnecessarily

the finished video will be 1:25, but here’s a 0:15 sample (i took a guess at what they say in the beginning: “awww yeaahhh” as opposed to “ohhhh heeeeey”)

sebastian maniscalco == hilarious

saw this guy’s comedy central special the other day — friggin’ hilarious… especially his bit about ross (store)

looks like i found andy’s xmas present

it’s funny cuz it actually messes with color blind folks… e.g. andy

galaxy v. red bulls (9/24)

a few pics i took with my camera (droid x) during the la galaxy v. red bulls soccer game

interesting location for a stadium — on csu dominguez hills‘ campus (yea i didn’t know it ever existed either). the campus itself is jammed in a residential area, makin’ it a pain to park for the game…

overall, i’d go to the home depot center again (if i didn’t have to drive). we sat right behind the angel city brigade. a ruckus group of fans with elaborate chants… best one was this (sung in the tune of “oh my darling, clementine“):

who’s your father?
who’s your father?
who’s your father, referee?
you don’t have one, you don’t have one
you’re a bastard, referee!

slightly larger panoramic shots here and here

imma let you finish…

some hip-hop for a friday…

such an epic video… i just hope no one starts referring to this song as “the facebook movie song”

kanye west – power

kanye west – power (remix)

jay-z/jimi hendrix mashup – 99 problems and voodoo child