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beer: jumping cow amber ale

it didn't taste like milk surprisingly
it didn't taste like milk surprisingly

store: trader joe’s
type: american amber/red ale
abv: 5.50%
suggested by: debbie morales

at first taste, i wasn’t a huge fan… but since i had six of ’em, it kind of grew on me.

it’s kind of funny — the different things i’ll notice the second, third, fourth time i drink a beer — it’s a bit on the hoppier side, but it has a slight creamy finish as you progress through the  bottle, which is nice.

i’ve ended up eating a snack whenever drinking this — try it with those lays jalapeno kettle cooked chips – that’s a good combo… well, they’re good chips overall – ha

i think that fat tire is a bit smoother to drink, but this one is alright.

beeradvocate: B-
me: B+

oh family guy, you slay me

so there was this old “anti drug” campaign a while back about a dood gettin’ high and his dog gettin’ pissed at him… well, family guy made a funny parody of it

first video is the real one, then the family guy version



wordpress: installing wordpress locally on your pc

as i write the title of this tutorial, i can tell it might get long and/or complicated… i’ll try my best… here we go

FIRST, you’ll need the tools — download virtual pc (especially if you run windows vista) and then grab an image here — i would suggest getting the IE6 image, since that version of IE is the “worst” of them all
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this is 100% real… i believe it

football season’s almost here — nice to see darren sproles get a little (get it?) ad:

the best show you’re STILL not watching

it’s always sunny in philadelphia comes back on thursday, september 17th @10p on fx… here’s some awesome ads promoting its return!

charlie’s f*ckin’ hilarious… kitten mittens!


i imagine this is what tim does when he gets angry



and lastly, i’m normally not a fan of dodger fans… but this is just BAMF — GREENMAN!