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wordpress: change your home page to a custom page

so chaunce asked if i could do a small tutorial for a wordpress (wp) question he had… i’m honored that he asked me to do so… actually, i think i might start to write a bunch of tutorials that i’ve learned along the way…

and here… we… go…

this tutorial deals with the user wanting a site with a blog and pages, but the user wants a specific page to be the front page, not the blog (something similar to andy’s site, but not — since he doesn’t want his site to be full-on wordpress)

*note, i suck at technical writing, but i’ll try to fake it… i’m open to suggestions/comments for future tutorials
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oh, hotstepper!

this guy’s talented… almost makes me wanna learn how to play piano… almost




chex mix, you’re the snack for me

so i’ve had this netbook for some time now, running ubuntu. i think i can bust a few pros and cons:


  • runs REALLY well on the netbook
  • manages the battery well — i can run this for several days (light to medium usage) before chaging
  • multiple desktops — comes in super handy when working with a small monitor


  • NO FLASH! this kills it for me… even youtube won’t show the video (or is suuuper laggy) — the whole point for getting this netbook was to keep track of sports scores and stuff, but most sites (espn, mlb) use flash scoreboards… fml
  • not all programs work in ubuntu — i just want a good twitter program like destroy twitter, but nope… i gotta use this janky one called twittux, which doesn’t even have a retweet button!
  • doesn’t really play well with the file sharing and print network setup i have here…

i think that’s it… at least the most important ones to me…

overall, i’m gonna switch back to winxp — tho i’d really like win7 on here… i don’t wanna get TOO used to it (it’ll only be free for so long)

spot the movies

i found this really cool art print online where the artist drew a bunch of items in a pile. all the items are from “famous” movies…

so this has been a really long email chain, but we’re stuck on the last few…

instead of giving you the answers off the bat, let’s see if you can get some — i have a guess that tim will be really good at this…

click for larger image
click for larger image

props to crazy4cult and galleries one nine eight eight

promote synergy!

“wtf, joe?”

yea i know… the site’s been collecting a bit of dust, which normally means that i’ve been busy with projects or i’m lazy (or both)

so what’s been up?

  • i’m still drinking beer… i’ve broken the goal of 50… and of course i’m behind on writing about them… talk about fanfare, eh? i think i want to blame wordpress for that… first for releasing 2.8, which had tons of issues (or maybe my site design had the issues… nahhhh). but then i just recently upgraded to 2.8.1, which is a lot better, i don’t get as many errors (they’re still there, but i can write posts at least)
    i found out it’s mostly to do with old plugins that aren’t compatible with the new versions… which is lame-o!
  • on the topic of web development, things have been movin’ along well at work and gorirra… i think i’m running myself ragged tho — after these projects on the table, i think i’m gonna take a break somehow… doubt it tho — oh well…
  • hung out with the fpsa kids over the fourth, where our motto was “24 hours to live” — fun times…
  • padres stink, as they are wont to do… effin’ a… football’s right around the corner i guess
  • i twitter a bunch, so you can pretty much follow my going’s-ons there… (left column of my site — booyah)

is that it? i think so… everything’s been pretty much status quo…

ahh… so here’s something — chaunce, andy, and i were talking about clever ways to hide particular files on one’s computer… i’m sure you all have clever ideas, so post it out… you can be “anonymous” if you want (tho i’ll know who you are, you dirty bastard)

i know mark has a folder on his desktop that says, “mark’s 2008 tax stuff” — very clever, mark… very clever.

the lonely island – like a boss