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beer: tatonka stout

10w-30 motor oil

store: bj’s
type: russian imperial stout
abv: 8.00%

it’s a tradition to drink this b*tch on birthdays so i had two pints of it… i was running ragged the next day (“doesn’t that mean that you’re drunk?” “no. it means i was drunk yesterday” — name that movie!)

it’s kinda funny tho — i used to loathe this beer, but now it’s not so bad. i guess my tastebuds grew up apparently (or i’ve destroyed my sense of taste, whichever one you feel applies)

this is a creamy ass stout (as stouts are wont to be) — it had a thin head (experts would say a one-finger head, but you guys are too childish for that term), but look at it in the pic… it’s a nice malty color

beeradvocate: B+
me: B-

like a boss

wordpress-logo-stacked-bgcareful with upgrading to wordpress 2.8, ESPECIALLY if you have a bunch of plugins… there are some real bad compatibility issues (thank GOD i backed everything up and was able to revert back to 2.7.1)

i think that’s why chaunce didn’t have any issues with his other site — there were no plugin issues

you can check here to see if there will be any issues

found another blog that helps with troubleshooting various wordpress issues

i wish i knew that there were gonna be problems before i upgraded… troubleshooting + downgrading = late night for this guy… frick (weary with toil, i haste me to my bed)

i want you not to go, but you should

added a new plugin to the sidebar of my site — for wordpress

now you can see the crappy music that i listen to!

i’ve been listening to a lot of arctic monkeys, jason mraz, brett dennen, and an oldie but goodie, counterfit



beer: karl strauss windansea wheat hefeweizen

islands frosty mugs ftw!
islands frosty mugs ftw!

store: islands
type: hefeweizen
abv: 5.10%

gettin’ close to magical 5-0… should i try to go for 100 by the end of the year? that’s probably a bad idea…

so i wanted to try something different at islands… a lot of people, like rob, like drinking hef’s… not me — strange cuz i like witbier‘s too (i just hate germans i guess)

anyway, this had the same type of flavor as other hefs… that fruitish, vanilla, clove, etc. this particular one tasted like crazy banana though — blech

the beer wouldn’t go away fast enough — even after drinking, later in the afternoon, i was burping up bananas (insert joke here)… not a fan of this one

beeradvocate: B-
me: C

guitar: stay or leave

i love listening to dave matthews and tim reynolds — something about the purity of an acoustic duet that just makes me wanna pick up my guitar and play along

aptly named
aptly named

i used to know the whole ‘luther college’ set from start to end (ridiculous)… well they have a “new” album: live at radio city music hall (damn flash sites)… all i gotta say is tim’s amazing (not dorsey)

here’s my first attempt at playing “stay or leave” — yes, there are MANY mistakes… recorded this in bed slightly lying down… i just learned it today:

*recorded straight to laptop mic, cleaned up background hisses with adobe audition

i need to do this more often