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book: the peter principle

"why things always go wrong"
"why things always go wrong"

yea… a book review — deal with it

so geoff suggested it because he thought that i’d relate to the different topics discussed… and damn, i related a bunch to it

the overall principle states that “In a Hierarchy Every Employee Tends to Rise to His Level of Incompetence.” [wiki] — this basically means that you’ll keep getting promoted until you hit a job title where you just suck

i’ve seen this before — a great salesperson will be promoted to a managerial position and since they have a sales background and not a managerial background, they’ll suffer at that position

the book details how fast one will move up the ranks… this is where it gets similar to my life…

peter defines pull as “an employee’s relationship–by blood, marriage, or acquaintance–with a person above him in the hierarchy” — it’s similar to the phrase, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”… kinda sorta…

anyway, the patron is a person who can help me to rise — we’ll call him chaunce in this case… ha — peter states, “an unmotivated patron is no patron”

“see that the patron has something to gain by assisting you, or something to lose by not assisting you, to rise in the hierarchy” — i guess he gained many free zj’s with my recent move upstairs… so there you go. congrats, chaunce

shoot… i hope i haven’t hit my incompetence level… LAL (i totally stole that from amir)… ok fine, LOLerskates!

beer: ayinger ur-weisse

more "weizen" than "dunkel"
more "weizen" than "dunkel"

store: kashtan bistro
type: dunkelweizen
abv: 5.80%

another unique one from kashtan bistro…this beer both hurt and helped me during andy’s poker night last friday…

with no food in my belly… this beer got to work quick — it kinda gave me a ‘drunken master‘ vibe… the others in the table couldn’t find any tells cuz i was gettin’ sloshed. i also blame the chip conversion rate… i realize also that i suck at math (pfft.. some kinda asian i am)

anyway… the beer was drinkable, but if they just called it a hefeweizen, i wouldn’t have been the weiser (get it?) — it tasted like any other hef, which i’m not really a fan of… hefs are generally drinkable, but they taste fruity (you are what you drink, har har) and have a feeling of summer

beeradvocate: B+
me: B-

beer: moylan’s celts golden ale

"tastes like sunshine" - andy
"tastes like sunshine" - andy

store: kashtan bistro
type: american blonde ale
abv: 5.00%

strange… it’s a domestic… coulda sworn that this guy was from… umm… ireland?

well if you’ve had hoegaarden and liked it, then you’ll probably like this one… it’s a light flavored beer with similar taste. another one that would be great in the summer time.

i think i’m up to 4-5 beers at kashtan, which is pretty pathetic… i kinda slowed down a bit. but it’s a marathon, not a sprint… i gotta pace myself — i really want that crown-prince title, dammit…

beeradvocate: C+
me: B-

beer: stone smoked porter

esco's finest
esco's finest

store: bevmo
type: american porter
abv: 5.90%

this bottle’s been hangin’ out (or chillin’ would be more appropriate) in my fridge for quite some time… something about drinking a 22 oz. bottle by myself that makes me feel odd

check out the pic above again… look at that pour… boo-ti-ful… great head and no spillage

as for the taste… superb. i’ve been a fan of porters in general lately… and stone generally has awesome quality — smokey, oakey, roasty… all of the above.

beeradvocate: A-
me: A

on the topic of microbreweries, looks likeĀ  a documentary is comin’ out pretty soon about their battle with the big breweries like anheuser-busch… it’s called beer wars and it’s gonna show in a movie theater near you… looks pretty interesting

shiny metallic purple armor

so the wheels are in motion to update the gorirra site… not only a new look, but it’ll be built on the wordpress engine

why? well for one, it’s good practice to mess with the php files and whatnot, and two, i really like the seo side of it — the plugins take care of things like sitemaps, rss, etc.

here’s a sneak peek into version 3.0:

ha… pedobear got a tag…