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beer: ochakovo ruby

at least the russians excel at vodka-making and gymnastics

store: kashtan bistro (more on this place later)
type: vienna lager
abv: 3.60%

strange… a beer that isn’t on beeradvocate — it has other ochakovo’s, but not the ruby (this is the closest, but not really)

it’s a super low abv, which was good for lunch *cough*… i had it with a roast beef sandwich, which complimented it pretty well.

on first pour, it was pretty cloudy and bubbly (effervescent is the term i’m looking for) — the taste didn’t really get me

i find it odd that this site reviewed it like so:
Hints of red summer fruits in the aroma, these give a clue to the plummy caramel flavours which develop.

either that’s complete bs or the reviewer has the most amazing palate known to man — i tasted nothing of the sort (i will, however, be reviewing a REALLY good beer flavored with caramel pretty soon — ooh… a teaser)

overall, the russians should maybe use the same effort that they use on their vodka making into their beer making…

beeradvocate: C-

this is what you get when you mess with us

you know what’s weird? i bought this new domain name on sunday and i just happened to check google last night and bam — i’m already in google (2 days!)

the cool part was that the budweiser post was already spidered that night — very sneaky google…

so far there’s one bug with the new site — and it’s pretty big… in firefox, forms can’t be filled in unless you first right click in them. stupidly enough, IE works fine —

sarmad: I guess that goes against your “what? really? bullshit… use firefox and it’ll be fine”  canned-response

it’s bad karma i guess (oh.. that’s why you wrote that title for this post — you’re clever, joey!)

chaunce suggested that the scripts that i’m using might be the culprit… so i gotta get my troubleshooting hat on (it’s at home, btw) and try that out…

** quick note on chaunce’s site, he’s got some sik ringtones for iphones and regular phones alike:

so with google checking out my site, hopefully more people will read my reviews — or they’ll read about a guy whose liver failed when trying to accomplish some lame ’50 beer goal’

beer: budweiser

the return of the king
the king is dead!

store: vons
type: american adjunct lager
abv: 5.00%

the last time i checked, this was classified as a beer…

feels weird to add this one to the log, but it counts — what a crizzap beer. my neck turned red while i drank this, which was pretty crazy to watch

i love how people on beeradvocate tried to give this a real review — i’m not even gonna give it any satisfaction.

a beer has to have a rat tail or thumb in it to get an F grade from me, luckily for bud, no tails… so it gets a D

beeradvocate: D+

rockband: the most expensive game evar

so it goes without saying that rockband 2 is a pretty dope game — it’s also the only game i’ve invested so much money into:

  • the game + instruments: $189.99
  • songs: $79.74
    • 22 singles @ $1.99 ea = $43.78
    • 2 track packs (killers and weezer) @ $5.49 ea = $10.98
    • song export key (which added all the songs from rb1) = $4.99 (worth every penny)
    • no doubt track pack = $19.99
  • mic stand: $23.49
  • cymbals (2 pk): $29.99 [ gamestop ]
  • drum pad silencers: $19.99 [ gamestop ]

grand total (currently): $343.20 (holy sh*t)

i’m not complaining, because they’ve got a good thing going — keep the music and the game fresh every week pretty much

i’m actually glad when there’s a week of crap songs — gives me some time to rest on the ones i currently have — i’m all about this wiki page to stay up to date [ wiki ]

and i hear they’re not making a rockband 3 — they’ll be working on new songs and stuff instead (thank you, harmonix) [ wired ]

if anything, rockband has showed me that my nephew andy (4 yrs old) has crazy good rhythm. it’s also weird that he can sing “dirty little secret” really really well (the lyrics are pretty questionable for a kid his age… ha)

scary freezeframe… geez

beer: st. pauli girl

ooh... rock band!
ooh... rock band!

store: vons
type: german pilsener
abv: 4.90%

lemme get this out in the open — i’m not a fan of green-bottled beer… so why is beer bottled in green bottles? mark says, “cos they’re fucking retarded” (true, but i’m looking for specifics — thanks for playing, mark).

here’s another answer, but it doesn’t really answer why it was done in the first place

i think it was three sheets that told me that breweries used green bottles when there was a shortage of brown bottles… can someone f’in google it to determine if i’m right or if i just pulled that one outta my ass? (i would, but i am le tired)

anyway, this beer was just like heineken, which also is way overrated (jersey douchebags) — little sour flavor. if someone on beeradvocate says they taste “hints of coriander” or “floral notes”, they’re f*ckin’ lying… there is nothing good about this beer

i’m proud to present my first D grade! whoo hoo

oh yea, and everyone wanted to be tagged — so there you go, andy, lisa, juan, and adam. enjoy the spotlight

beeradvocate: C